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Skyles Law Group defends Business Locked Out by Landlord

Skyles Law Group has been retained by Tokens and Tankards, a Mount Prospect arcade and restaurant, which has been locked out of their business by their Landlord Tod Curtis.  On September 9, 2016, Tokens and Tankards decided to close its doors, with the view of revamping and reopening.  A few days later, they found the locks changed on their business by their landlord, and putting to doubts any possibility of a reopening.

“It is unlawful for a landlord to lock out tenants from their businesses.  The law calls this action constructive eviction, and there are consequences that a landlord may face if they do this to their tenants”, said Attorney James Skyles

Skyles intends to pursue any and all options to see that his client obtains the best result possible

Skyles Law Group, LLC a Mount Prospect based law firm that practices Real Estate and Business law.


Victory: State Farm must Defend Client in $85 million lawsuit.

Skyles Law Group has won a great victory for their clients.

Their client, the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity has been involved in a defamation lawsuit for over a year.  Their primary insurance company, State Farm Property and Casualty, from Bloomington, Illinois, filed a lawsuit in federal court stating that they did not have to cover Franklin Center due to exemptions in their policy.

Attorney James Skyles  noticed that the State Farm exemptions and definitions were designed in a day and age where publishers still published exclusively in print.  They were not designed for online publications.  Finding this and other ambiguities in the contract, Franklin Center was able to argue successfully that due to the ambiguities, State Farm still has a duty to defend Franklin Center.

“This is a great victory for Franklin Center, it is an even bigger loss for State Farm.  Because of the boilerplate language of the contract, State Farm may now have to review every Directors and Officers contract they have with their clients.  This could cost them countless hours of work in order to correct the issues” said Attorney James Skyles.  “More importantly, this case emphasizes the need for the insurance business, like most all other businesses, to take into account the means by which the internet has changed the nature of business, and the need for the legal profession to be at the forefront of ensuring the law takes into account these changes.  This is exactly what Skyles Law Group does in its internet law practice.”

State Farm is expected to appeal its ruling, but Skyles expressed confidence that in the end any appeal will have the same result as the district court ruling.

For more information, contact

James Skyles, Esq
Skyles Law Group, LLC
200 E. Evergreen #121
Mount Prospect, IL 60056


James Skyles Conducts Seminar on Non-Profit Law

James Skyles of the Skyles Law Group conducted a webinar on Non-Profit Law on December 10, 2012.  The webinar covered primarily the process of filing the IRS form 1023, the form necessary to receive 501(c)3 charitable organization status.

The webinar was designed for legal and accounting professionals who file these forms as a part of their practice.  Individuals participating in the webinar were eligible to receive Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit.  It was organized by Strafford Publications, a company which specializes in producing high quality professional education products.

“I am very proud to be considered one of the Nation’s experts on Non-Profit Law, it was a great privilege to be asked to be on this webinar by Strafford.” said James Skyles.

James Skyles is the Principal Attorney of the Skyles Law Group, a Mount Prospect Illinois based Law Firm, that specializes in Non-Profit, Media, and Internet Law.

Client recieves $15,000.00 Settlement

Take this scenario, you refinance your mortgage with another bank.  The bank you first had your mortgage with still thinks you have a mortgage with them.  They keep sending you bills, and despite emails, letters and phone calls informing them they no longer hold your mortgage, they still attempt to collect.  After a period of time, they try to foreclose on your house, a house they don’t have any interest in.

This is what happened with a client that approached Skyles Law Group, LLC.

“For their constant harassment by their former mortgage holder, and the attempt to foreclose on a house they didn’t even have a mortgage on, we were able to get an out of court cash settlement for $15,000.00.  We are very happy with the results”, said James Skyles, Principal of Skyles Law Group.

If you have any real estate related matters that need to be addressed, please contact Skyles Law Group at 847-749-3059, or email

Client Recieves an $8,500.00 Settlement

Imagine yourself in this situation.  You hire a moving company to move your furniture out of your old apartment and into a beautiful new condo you just bought.  When you get to your apartment you find to your horror that most of the furniture was damaged in one way or another.  You call the moving company, they contract with a “restorer” to touch up the furniture, but it ends up looking worse.  You ask them to pay the cost to repair, but they are only willing to reimburse the depreciated value.

This is what happened with a client of Skyles Law Group, LLC.  They came to them with their problem.  Their initial claim was only for $3,000.00 for the replacement of some items.  They were able to get a settlement for $8,500.00, which covered the replacement of items that could not be repaired, and the complete restoration of items that could be repaired.

“Often times, people don’t want to involve attorneys, and handle it on their own.  This is a mistake”, said Skyles Law Group attorney, James Skyles.  “Here we have a situation where the client was put in a bind by a company they put their trust in.  The company was only willing to give depreciated value, they wanted replacement value.  We were able to get them more than twice what they asked.”

Skyles cautioned, “Every situation is unique, and while this type of result is not unique to the services we provide, there is no way we can guarantee a particular result.  But we always do our best to meet the needs of our clients”.


April 22, 2012


James Skyles Addresses Bloggers on Cyber Law Issue

This past weekend, James Skyles of the Skyles Law Group, LLC, a Chicago based law firm with expertise in the area of cyber law, spoke at BlogCon, a national conference of libertarian and conservative bloggers and libertarians.  Along with Kurt Schlichter of  Schlicter and Schonack, LLP.  The panel addressed legal issues facing bloggers from defamation to copyright.

“There are many legal issues that bloggers are often not aware of.  It is important that conferences, such as this, have panels of attorneys addressing these issues so that bloggers and online journalists can protect themselves and their first amendment rights” – James Skyles, Principal, Skyles Law Group, LLC.

Skyles Law Group is a full service law firm, with a particular expertise in the field of internet and digital media law.  In addition to addressing cyber law issues at conferences, James Skyles also writes articles concerning legal issues in the digital media world on his blog Ask a Cyber Lawyer.


April 9, 2012

Skyles Law Group Looks to Represent and Educate Comic Book Authors and Artists

ASK A CYBER LAWYER the blog of internet law pioneering law firm, Skyles Law Group, will be attending the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2,, on April 13th, 14th and 15th at McCormick Place near Downtown.

The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo is the largest annual Comic Book Convention in the Chicago Area.  Some of thhis year’s special guests include Anthony Daniels (Star Wars- C3PO), Sean Astin (Rudy, Samwise Gamgee- Lord of the Rings), and Axel Alonso (Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief).

Skyles Law Group is looking represent new clients in the comic book and entertainment industry.  Founded in 2011, Skyles Law Group specializes in Internet and Digital Media Law, and looks to educate the public in developments in those fields through their blog, Ask a Cyber Lawyer (

“We are one of the few firms across the country that not only recognizes the contribution of professional and amateur comic book artists and writers, but also the need for protection of their legal rights and interests”  James Skyles, Principal, Skyles Law Group, LLC.

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